Chase and Been Chased

February 6, 2010 at 6:30 pm (Uncategorized)

A recent article in the New York Times by Amy Bloom inspired me, a self-professed Luddite, to take the plunge –way behind the curve– and start a blog.   Maybe it was turning 30, maybe it was a another break-up, maybe it was a dead-end 9-to-5 job, but the time seemed right.

So before I get all Julie Powell on you, there’s something to be said about the once smart, creative girl who’s hit a brick wall on the cusp of 30-something adulthood.  (Although, unlike Julie, according to the movie since I haven’t read the book, I don’t believe that I would ever take a supportive husband for granted, or knock Queens–the most diverse and down-to-earth, real borough in NY!)

Chase and Been Chased is for my friends and strangers who care to hear about the random thoughts and opinions of a New Yorker trying to make it in DC.  I’ve chased and been chased by happiness, but it’s so hard to hold.  I’m professionally and personally making sense of what comes next…with a little help from my friends…and chocolate, cheese, music, film, politics, news, and travel.

“Happiness is like beauty: part of its glory lies in its transience. It is deep but often brief (as Frost would have it), and much great prose and poetry make note of this. Frank Kermode wrote, ‘It seems there is a sort of calamity built into the texture of life.’ To hold happiness is to hold the understanding that the world passes away from us, that the petals fall and the beloved dies. No amount of mockery, no amount of fashionable scowling will keep any of us from knowing and savoring the pleasure of the sun on our faces or save us from the adult understanding that it cannot last forever.”  –Amy Bloom



  1. sarah said,

    Yay!! I’m very excited of your entry into the blogosphere! I feel confident I won’t be reading any rude references to our beloved Queens on this site 🙂 xoxoxoox

  2. Becca said,

    I am so happy you’re finally here and can’t wait to read more! xoxo

    And to both you and Sarah – its never too late to move back to Queens! 😉 She misses you guys.

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