The Best in Olympic Pop Music

February 23, 2010 at 5:05 am (Uncategorized)

Music is an integral part of the Olympic Games.  The right choice of music can enhance figure skating competitions, help tell a story on ice, and is often the best part of the hyped opening and closing ceremonies.  And that’s the music you can hear. Skiers and snowboarders have been spotted sporting ipods underneath their bulky helmets.  American snowboarder Kelly Clark even sings out loud, albeit poorly, before entering the half-pipe.   Research shows that beat and volume can actually move you to go faster, higher, stronger.   Music is the emotional and psychological partner to the physical–most of us just tap our foot while others go to the Olympics.

Here are some of my favorite moments in recent Olympic music.

1. The new catchy Nike commercial from Vancouver inspired me to buy the album from featured artist: The Hours.  Check out the video and lyrics which draw from politics and even religion.  Way better than the Three Doors Down song that keeps coming up during NBC’s telecast.  I also really like the AT&T commercial featuring Lou Reed’s Perfect Day.

2. Piccabo Street, the spunky American skier, is famous for her funky name and medals in 1994 and 1998.  However, I like to thank her for introducing me to this song.  At the 94 Lillehammer Games, Street used to listen to Gabrielle’s Dreams before starting her descent down the mountain.  I made my dad buy me the cassette single the next day.  Sadly, a forgotten pop song of the 90s.

3. Gloria Estefan had suffered a major back injury in the 90s.  Recovering from the experience she wrote and performed this song at the Atlanta 1996 closing ceremonies.  It’s a pretty generic pop song, but I happened to hear it live at the 1996 closing ceremonies so it makes the list.

4. Nike’s marketing team did a good job in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics with this commercial featuring the killer Killers.

5. And kudos to the figure skaters that musically ventured outside the rink.  A young Japanese men’s single skater chose Jimi Hendrix for his program and the British brother/sister Kerr/Kerr ice dancing pair was even more modern picking Linkin Park for their final free skate.  My favorite part of their performance was when she lifted him.  Modern twist.


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  1. sarah said,

    I forgot how I LOVE that Gabrielle song!! Wow I miss the 90s.

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