Weekly Friend Roundup

March 1, 2010 at 8:02 pm (Uncategorized)

Without my friends I’d be one sad-borderline-bitter cliché.  But, they are so fabulous that it makes it hard to lose faith in the world.  Each week, I want to roundup the best things they’ve taught me.  Articles, video, music, TV–whatever it is that my friends have shared that saved or raised my spirit and just has to be passed on.

  1. New York Magazine’s The Ultimate New York Playlist Isn’t it amazing that someone gets paid to make mixes!?  There are some great, iconic New York songs on here.  I can only name two songs that reference Washington, DC.  (Expect more on this and other DC vs. NY fun facts in future blog posts.)
  2. The How Millennial Are You? Quiz by the esteemed Pew Research Center.  Take this short quiz to learn what generation you belong to in spirit.  On my first round I got Baby Boomer!  (Is this because I still watch PBS and am scared of Facebook?) I took it again when I realized that having a Linked In account counts for social networking.  I became a cusper between Gen X and Millennial–where I belong!
  3. Apparently, Bologna now has a Gelato University!    Why did I study Econ?  Are you serious?
  4. The global recession is good for prosecco  “the drink of choice among the cash-strapped cognoscenti.”  I recently made my first adult glassware purchase from Pixies, the DC vintage store, so I’ve got the appropriate flutes ready to go.  Let’s hope that prosecco demand doesn’t surpass supply.  (Thanks Econ class!) 
  5. Overalls back in?  Another sign the 90s are returning.

Thanks to all my cash-strapped cognoscenti friends for these great finds this week!




  1. sarah said,

    I got a Millennial score of 80!

    Hmm, I need to think of something to contribute to your next weekly friend roundup 🙂

  2. ButtonGwinnett said,

    I got 76. I think my lack of tattoos hurt me. This may need to be remedied…

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