The N Word

March 29, 2010 at 4:10 am (Uncategorized)

For job seekers networking can be a dirty word.  It’s awkward and draining.  If you are Don Draper it can be fun, exciting, and you might end up getting laid, if not the job.  If you are more of a early Peggy Olson type, it is a tiring process with rules to learn.

When it comes to networking, I’m on my game when I want to be, but have days where I’m on the disabled list (D.L.). I’m like Jorge Posada that way–I was feeling strong and consistent pre-2008, but then things went off.

I recently got very close to a new position, but no cigar (or dangerously strong cocktail in Mad Men terms).  Learning how to stay upbeat–the show must go on– in the face of rejection is an art I don’t want to perfect any further.

I handled the news by networking.  A kind friend offered a tip for a new person to talk to even though she didn’t know her well.  As I started to learn a bit more about this new lead over the next couple of days, there was something vaguely familiar about her generic name.  I quickly put it together that a different, unrelated contact connected me with the same person last April.  Like Samantha on SATC when she realized that she had been in that bed before, I feared I had run out of contacts in the District.  However, this was pure coincidence and a result of the DC village as opposed to me getting around.

There is so much more networking I could do, but sometimes you feel blocked.  The show must go on, but I need a couple more days on the D.L. to heal.

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