Flavor “Tripping”

April 29, 2010 at 3:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Last month, I tried these magic berriesThe New York Times article makes you believe they are crazier than the reality, but given yesterday’s medical news about chocolate aiding  depression (thanks to my public health expert commentators for rightly pointing out the flawed causal arguments), flavor tripping sounds like a a better way to get out of a funk.

A friend ordered the West African berries online and then froze them until the DC weather cooperated for a lovely roof-top party.  It cost $1.50 or $2.00 per berry, but well worth the opportunity to “trick” my tongue.  Basically, you take the pulp of the berry and hold it in your mouth for a minute or so.  For the next hour (or half hour in my case) everything tastes sweeter and altered.  Grapefruit without the sour zing, sharp cheeses without the sharpness, raw onions without the kick, popcorn became bitter, gross natural lemons tasted like gross sweetened lemonade.  (Miracle berries could not alter my hatred for the taste of lemons.)

Apparently, the FDA refused to approve a natural sweetener made with the berries magical properties.  The down side is that the berries alter everything you eat for a short period and they won’t alter you mood. 

Enter chocolate…



  1. Charles Lee said,

    I must disagree with the last part of your blog post. The upside is the mberries modify the flavors of certain foods causing fruits to taste delicious also adding short periods of collective happiness. Once the effect is gone everything goes back to tasting like its boring self. It’s too bad miracle berries couldn’t do anything for you hatred of lemons 🙂

    Try strawberries since those things are really hit and miss these days.

  2. chaseandbeenchased said,

    Thanks for your comments Charles. Yes, I forgot that I did try strawberries and they were yummy. I think if you like a certain fruit to begin with the berries heighten the experience and they take the edge off pungent fruits like grapefruit and limes. The theme of my blog is chasing happiness so, yes, the magic berries provided for an afternoon of something new and fun! Cheers.

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