I Believe in Nothing Today

June 2, 2010 at 2:28 pm (Uncategorized)

Al And Tipper Gore To Split Up After 40 Years Of Marriage

by Ken Rudin
Think back to the 2000 Democratic convention in Los Angeles, the one that nominated Vice President Al Gore for president. The lasting image of the podium: the kiss between Gore and his wife, Tipper, that seemed to last forever.
Al and Tipper Gore at the 2000 Democratic National Convention.
Stephen Savoia /AP

Forever, as we learn today, does not necessarily mean forever. 

Is nothing sacred?  First, the Jersey Shore goes to Miami and now my favorite political couple splits! Is Global Warming even REAL, Al?* For those of you who were following Bill and Hillary’s rocky marriage in the 90s it’s (to steal a line from a 90s pop song) a bit ironic don’t ya think that their separate peace union has outlasted the Gores’.  Perhaps it’s true that marriages only work, not when there is compromise, but when two people can be fully selfish together?  I don’t know, but in the words of another early 90s pop hair band song/2010 Celebrity Apprentice winner, give me something to believe in!  

*Global Warming IS real–this was a joke for emphasis.  Please do not quote ChaseAndBeenChased questioning the science of global warming.


  1. Alex said,

    Come on… is that newsworthy? The oil spill continues, Israeli soldiers kill nutty hippies and the German President resigns in a huff… (in that order of relevance) That makes me REALLY lose faith.

  2. Alex said,

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