DC #1?

June 8, 2010 at 8:36 pm (Uncategorized)

I mentioned this to a native Manhattanite (who had also lived in DC) last Saturday night at a bar in the East Village.  Without skipping a beat she said “because there’s nothing else to do.”  That’s an exaggeration, but overall I do think Washingtonians are way into their biking, kayaking, marathon-running, and Rock Creek Park.  A park which, despite living in DC for about two years, I sadly still haven’t been to.  Here’s to DC’s new number 1 status rubbing off on its most recalcitrant non-native residents!



  1. Mr. LoPont said,

    Where is this Rock Creek Park?

    Never been there.

    • chaseandbeenchased said,

      Dear Mr. LoPont:

      Given that your email address is “dcisbetterthannyc” I believe you are a biased commentator. Given that your name is Mr. LoPont I assume you stick to the certain NW greenery. Does anyone else miss having late Friday lunches in great marvel that is Central Park?

      Chase and Been Chased

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