July 6, 2010 at 4:57 pm (Uncategorized)

Emotional Intelligence is not taught in school.  I wonder if it’s a nature or nurture quality?  Here’s a good definition of what E.Q. really means and how it can improve daily life and relationships.

The most socially skilled among us — those who project the emotions they intend, when they intend to — are not wedded to any one strategy, Dr. Hofmann argues. In a paper published last month with Todd Kashdan of George Mason University, he proposed that emotion researchers adopt a questionnaire to measure three components of regulation: concealing (i.e., suppression), adjusting (quickly calming anger, for instance) and tolerating (openly expressing emotion).

“These are each valuable strategies, in different situations,” Dr. Hofmann said. “The people who get into trouble socially, I believe, are the ones who are inflexible — who stick to just one.”

This past week’s New York Time Magazine featured the King (or should I say Sandman) of E.Q. on the mound.  Mr. Mariano Rivera is the closer of closers and inspires the glory of past greats in this beautiful black and white photo.

The feature mentions the word “sage” a number of times to describe the 40-year old baseball demigod.  I get chills on hot Bronx afternoons when I start to hear his opening music while he strides from the bull pen to the mound. And he’s on my side.  How a deeply religious man from Panama got Metallica entrance music on Yankee turf is wonderful American tale.

Rivera often states that (along with God) once the physical is perfected it’s the E.Q. that makes the difference between winning and losing.  Let’s hope that some of us without physical perfection (or Christ) can still benefit from E.Q. performance off the field.


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