Yankee God is Dead, A Soccer Fan is Born

July 13, 2010 at 6:57 pm (Uncategorized)

R.I.P. Bob Sheppard

The 2010 All-Star Break has been a tough week for New Yorkers.  While we all love to hate the Boss, Mr. Steinbrenner, I’m still grieving the passing of fellow Baldwinite and the voice of God, Bob Sheppard.


My favorite non-baseball work of Sheppard’s is Billy Crystal’s one-man show, 700 Sundays. His booming voice asked my BoSox loving theatre companion and I to turn our cell phones off.

As for Steinbrenner, I prefer to remember him like this and this.

Today, the Yankee franchise starts a new era in their new stadium, but I have to admit South Africa enthralled me with Fútbol.  Could DC United be the first non-New York team I root for?  A budding love for the world’s pastime or am I just another American who mocks the MLS and cares every four years? What’s the MLS you say?–My point exactly. To be continued…

Till then, Go American League!

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