Honoring Ida Blankenship

September 30, 2010 at 11:11 pm (Uncategorized)

The MURDER! of Ms. Blankenship was very unexpected and sad. I don’t like it when they create a really cool character just as a plot device. “Are you going to the men’s room!?” Hilarious.

Mad Men fan and ChaseAndBeenChased’s good friend with good taste

Astronaut Ida Blankenship, You GO GAIL!

Shame on you Matthew Weiner.  You take us back to the early 60s every Sunday night, shake things up at the new SCDP office, and needlessly kill off the best new character of season four!  Revive Ida Blankenship! She was a hysterical admin assistant with an accent only a mother (or a New Yorker) could love for a man who can’t hold his liquor or keep his pants on.  She was Don Draper’s contrapasso! With perfectly delivered lines like “How was your siesta? Do ya feel refreshed?” in the best, raspy, jaded, deep female voice on TV since Patty and Selma Bouvier, I will miss how Blakenship made me feel at home–bringing  the LIRR Babylon line to my little DC apartment.

Matthew Weiner, like everyone else, is evoking the 90s with a revolving set of sectaries a la Murphy Brown 1994.  Is Kramer going to be one of Don’s next assistants? He’s probably not the right bra size.

TV.com recently put together a funny list of Top 15 TV Administrative Professionals.  And while Mad Men claims the Number 1 slot, I believe it is with the wrong leading lady.

Viva Ida Blakenship!

*Thanks to person on Twitter for taking the time to Microsoft Paint this enduring image.


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